Why Pikku loves organic cotton August 18 2015, 0 Comments

We hear a lot about organic food and clothing but other than noticing its slightly higher price point do we really understand the benefits?

Here at Pikku offering quality is very important, especially when it comes to providing products for your little tots. A key part of ensuring we can offer quality time and time again comes form our very particular selection of brands.
It may not have gone unnoticed that the majority of brands we stock consist of 100% organic cotton products.
Here is why... 
"Going organic" has started to become a way of life for some families as people are becoming more aware of how their food and fashion is manufactured. Conventional cotton and synthetic materials most likely contain softeners, brighteners, heavy metals, petroleum scours, ammonia and formaldehyde, and that’s just a selection. A baby’s skin much is thinner and more porous than an adult’s skin, so little ones are more susceptible to finding certain clothing irritating and harsh on their skin.
Organic cotton not only provides a suitable type of clothing for your little ones delicate skin it has many other benefits too.
For parents looking for good quality clothing, organic cotton not only feels nicer to wear it is a lot studier than many other materials. Even if it might seem more expensive it lasts longer. Organically produced cotton can last around 100 washes before it starts to wear down. This can be compared to conventionally produced cotton that may only last 10-20 washes!  Suddenly those extra pennies start to seem even more worth it as we all know how often the washing needs doing.
You can choose from one of our many organic cotton ranges including Pigeon Organics, Sture and Lisa or Lemon Loves so why not shop now and let us know how you rate your new organic cotton purchase.