A treat for the boys...Now Available at Pikku August 12 2015, 0 Comments

When is comes to clothing for girls we always seem to be presented with an abundance of choice, unfortunately it never seems to be the same for the boys. 

Whilst you Mums might lust over the fabulous dresses on offer but realise it might not look quite rite on your little boy, at Pikku we want to try and provide you with something for your little man that will capture your attention just as much.

This coming season we feel we are well on our way to offering you just that with our new brand GNU Brand Boy, bringing comfort, quality and not least style, that we hope all Mums will love. 

GNU Brand offer a unique boys only clothing line, uniting creative designs, durable fabrics and colour. Each product presents pure comfort, crucial for all your little tots, whilst demonstrating pure craftsmanship and imagination through their immaculate attention to the detail and designs of each garment.

This American brand is not readily available in the UK and as Pikku is the first place in the North East to offer it you can be sure you are buying something that is not only great quality and stylish but exclusive. 

GNU is now available to buy in our Gosforth store and will soon be available online @ pikku.co.uk Limited quantities and sizes will be available so keep checking to avoid disappointment. 

Image 1: Fox T-Shirt: Available in sizes 1-4 years RRP: £25.50  Knee Patch Trousers: Available in size1-4 Years RRP: £26.50
Image 2: Lion T-Shirt: Available in sizes 1-4 years RRP: £25.50  Knee Patch Trousers: Available in size1-4 Years RRP: £26.50
Image 3: Lizard Attack Set Available in sizes: 18 Month-4 Years Trousers RRP: £26.50 Matching Hooded Top: £26.50