Price list

All our hair cut experiences are dry cuts and take place in character chairs and include special Pikku prize surprise at the end!

We offer a special siblings discount to families with more than one child- see the note below the table for more information on this offer (not valid with any other offer). The prices in the table below are for one / first child of the family: 

Fluffy baby hair trim                               £8.50                          
First hair cut certificate and locket                             + £3.50
Cut and style 1-5 years                               £13.50
Cut and styling over 5's                              £15.50
Complete restyle                               £16.50
Hair styled: Curled, straightened, crimped, pinned                              £10.00
Hair plaited:Elsa, french, fish tail, heart                              £6.00
Fringe trim includes balloon and gift                              £4.50

Birthday pamper me parties

(includes robes, hair styled, mini manicures and/or

face art, games, food and drink, additional

extras available - Min 10 people)

                From £15.00 per child

SIBLINGS DISCOUNT- we offer 25% off the cost of a haircut of all the siblings haircuts when taken on the same day/time with one full paying child. Not valid with any other offer- terms & conditions apply.